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B-Stock | Desisti - Delux 1 x 55 Watt
B-Stock | Desisti - Delux 4 x 55 Watt

B-Stock | Desisti - Delux 4 x 55 Watt

B-Stock | Desisti - Delux 1 x 55 Watt

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B-Stock | Desisti - Delux 1 x 55 Watt 

The DE-LUX fixtures have the highest output per aperture and are the most controllable fluorescent fixtures on the
market today. The new DE-LUX is a response to the long time needs of the Lighting Industry. Competitive pricing while
reducing studio operating costs, without effecting the creativity and artistic freedom of the designer or customer is De
Sisti’s challenge. The result - The DE-LUX.

DE-LUX fixtures are extremely versatile, and utilize a dual accessory track for loading gel frames and egg crates. The
high efficiency optical system does not require the use of intensifiers, reducing the overall dimensions and weight of
the fixture.

The DE-LUX fixtures use the 55 watt biax lamps (compact fluorescents) rated for 10,000 hours, which are available in
5600°K daylight or 3200°K tungsten, with different color rendering indexes (RGB or STUDIO-LINE).
DE LUX 1, a single lamp Compact Fluorescent Fixture and with this design the Company has developed a NEW
OPTICS that will be implemented in the DE LUX 2, DE LUX 4 and DE LUX 6 for higher outputs and more
controlled beams, expanding the application of the DE LUX Fluorescents in Larger Studio and, at the same time,
allowing to use lower power in smaller studios.

Including honeycomb.

  • Dimming fluorescent lights is necessary to balance the light level of the different sections of the studio. The use of very high frequency ballasts guarantees color temperature stability, flicker-free and noiseless operation.
    The DE-LUX complies with the very strict specifications of professional users: they are efficient, economical, and easy to set up in locations that may be already equipped with existing dimmer systems. Therefore compatibility with existing installations is not a problem. The DE-LUX Fluorescents are available with several dimming systems to fit the specifications of each installation.
  • External dimming: The PHASE CONTROL version of the DE-LUX is ideal for studios already equipped with dimmers (please see equivalent riser). It is in fact sufficient to connect the Fixtures to a controlled output, in similarity to the tungsten light sources.
  • Built-in ballast dimming: This technology eliminates the need (and the cost) of a dimmer. The sources are powered on a standard non dimmed A/C line. They receive a separate control signal that can either be an analog 0 to +10V D.C. for the Analog version or DMX 512 for the DMX version. Therefore it is sufficient to have a lighting console with the relevant output to control the intensity of the DE-LUX. Both ANALOG and DMX versions feature a potentiometer for local control of the light intensity.
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