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Used | ASL - PS 130

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With the PS 130 1-channel Speaker Station, speech intelligibility is optimized though use of low-noise, high-speed op-amps, a speech presence filter, and a specially developed bridged headphone amplifier. The front panel incorporates a Volume (listen level) control; Talk and Call buttons; and trimmers for buzzer volume, speaker attenuation, and side tone. An input limiter allows close-up use of the microphone without overload and distortion. Loudspeaker dimming is automatic when the microphone is in use. A front-panel connector is provided for use of a handset or headset; microphone and speaker are disabled automatically. Communication is clear and comfortable even in high-noise environments. Intercom connector is on the side panel to accommodate surface mounting on a wall.

  • Accepts dynamic or electret microphones as standard. Mic gain for gooseneck or headset mics is adjustable internally.
  • TALK and CALL functions
  • MIC Mute (through PSU or Master Station)
  • BUZZER MUTE (through PSU or Master Station)
  • VOLUME Control for each channel
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