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Used | Alcons - Low - QB363

Used | Alcons - Low - QB363

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The QB363 is a modular front-loaded arrayable bass system, for permanent applications. Featuring triple 12” long excursion woofers with Neodymium magnet structures, the QB363 delivers high quality, tight and accurate bass response from a very compact and weight efficient package. With a face-print exactly the same as the QR36/QM36, the QB363 can be stacked in multiples to form bass arrays.

The SIS pre-wiring ensures complete cable/ connector compensation between the QB363 and ALC. Typical applications for the QB363 include bass extension of main QR sound systems, used in multiples depending on the application and low frequency output and control.

For full system performance, we recommend using the QB363 in combination with an ALC4 amplifier/ controller. Driven by the ALC, the QB363 delivers maximum sound quality and output power with dedicated and inaudible (power and excursion!) protection (SDP circuit).

  • Frequency Response:
    • +/- 3 dB: 45 Hz-250 Hz
    • +/- 10 dB: 38 Hz -
  • Sensitivity (SPL 1W/M): 99 dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 5.3 ohms
  • Maximum RMS power: 1200 W
  • Maximum peak power: 3600 W
  • SPL program/peak: 130/135 dB
  • Dispersion H x V: omni
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