Used | DBX - DDP digital Dynamics Processor Used | DBX - DDP digital Dynamics Processor
Used | DBX - DDP digital Dynamics Processor
Used | Yamaha - YDG-2030

Used | Yamaha - YDG-2030

Used | Apogee - DA800

Used | Apogee - DA800

Used | DBX - DDP digital Dynamics Processor

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The dbx DDP offers you the processing power of digital, with the great sounds you know and want from the analog world. Plus, with digital technology, we can offer you more precise control and extended parameters than you could ever have with analog processing. The DDP gives you a true stereo processor, coupled with dbx True RMS Power Summing™ technology, or two independent mono units, giving you the versatility and power of processors costing many times more. Gating, compression (yes, with OverEasy®, all-new VariKnee™, or good ol’ hard knee thresholds), limiting, de-essing and EQ (both in-path and sidechain) are available in the DDP in any order you want. The possibilities are endless. The LCD display shows you all the information you need to know, complete with a digital meter featuring peak and average levels at the same time.

  • All the classic dbx sounds in gating, compression, limiting, de-essing, and sidechain EQ
  • The most extensive metering available
  • Graphical representaion of signal shows composite effects in real time
  • TYPE IV™ Conversion System with TSE™ (Tape Saturation Emulation)
  • 24bit A/D and D/A convertors keep your signal pristine
  • “Building Block” style operating system lets you build and save your own presets
  • Digital input/output option
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