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Used | Yamaha D5000

Used | Yamaha D5000

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OCC Yamaha D5000
Ham and Noise
less than -76dB
THD less than 0.007% (1kHz, max. level)
Input/ Number of Channel 2
Input/ Nominal Level +4dB/-20dB (with level select switch)
Input / Maximum Level +24dB (nominal level +4dB)
Input/ Impedance 20K Ω
Output/ Number of Channel 2
Output/ Nominal Level +4dB/-20dB (with level select switch)
Output / Maximum Level +24dB (nominal level +4dBm)
Output/ Impedance 150 Ω
AD Conversion 20bit, 64Fs over sampling
DA Conversion 20bit, 8Fs over sampling
Sampling Frequency 50KHz
Propagation Delay 2.8 milliseconds
User Program 100
Front Panel / Knob Input Level, Mix, Data Entry
Front Panel/ Key Left arrow (Store), Right Arrow (Recall), Up arrow, Down arrow, Program, Utility, Trigger, Bypass, Delay, FB, Mod, Duck, Power
Front Panel/ Display 56 x 128 dot LCD 8-segment LED x 2 (level meter) 7-segment LED x 2 (program no.) Key LED x 8 (Delay, FB, MOD, Duck, Program, Trigger, Utility, Bypass)
Rear Panel/ Connector Input L,R (XLR x 2, phone x 2) Output L,R (XLR x 2, phone x 2) MIDI In, Thru/Out (DIN 5p x 2)
Rear Panel/ Switch Input +4dB/-20dB Output +4dB/-20dB Thru/Out (MIDI)
Rear Panel / Jack (Foor SW) Bypass, Program Inc / Dec, Trigger
Power Requirements AC120V, 60Hz (US and Canadian models) AC240V, 50Hz (British model) AC230V, 50Hz (General model)
Power Consumption 25W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 480 x 45.2 x 336.4 mm (18-7/8" x 1-13/16" x 13-1/4")
Weight 4.7kg (10 lbs 5.8 oz)
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Brand Yamaha