Used | Yamaha - PM4000 48 kanaals Mixer + PSU Used | Yamaha - PM4000 48 kanaals Mixer + PSU
Used | Yamaha - PM4000 48 kanaals Mixer + PSU

Used | Yamaha - PM4000 48 kanaals Mixer + PSU

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Yamaha - PM4000 48 kanaals Mixer + PSU

Four stereo input modules standard

  • More modules are optional.

Electronically balanced

  • XLR inputs and outputs.


  • Input and output transformers.

All insert In/Out points operate at +4dBu level

  • This is for optimum compatibility with pro equipment.

Continuously variable 50 dB Gain trim

  • In addition, switchable 30 dB pad let inputs handle any signal.

6-Step LED meters on each input

  • The LED meters on each input assist correct setup for optimum gain structure.

8 mono auxiliary mixing busses

  • In addition, two pair of stereo aux mixing busses that can be used as dual mono, for total of 12 auxes.

8 master mute groups


8 VCA groups

  • The groups have mute capability and full-length group faders.

8 primary mix busses ("groups")

  • The mix busses plus a stereo bus which can be "direct assigned" from inputs or from groups.

11 x 8 Mix Matrix


Extensive input-priority

  • It features "in-place" Cue system, plus Solo mode that mutes other channels.

Built-in fixed/variable frequency test oscillator and pink noise source.

  • The oscillator and pink noise source speed setup and overall system troubleshooting.

Large, dedicated stereo VU meters

  • Also, switchable VU meters for other busses (switching conveniently located next to operator).

Hundreds of LEDs

  • The LEDs indicate status, clip levels, and illuminate switches and meters-no lamps to maintain.

Extensive internal switches

  • In addition, jumpers to alter "default" console functions.

Lower noise than ever

  • It also features superb audiophile quality.

Multiple exhaust fans on rear panel

  • These fans keep circuitry cool for maximum longevity.

Dimmer-controlled "LittLites"

  • The "LittLites" are provided as standard equipment.

Redesigned chassis

  • This is for extraordinary strength and lighter weight.

PW4000 Power supply

  • The Power supply includes full-time AC line voltage digital readout and DC output monitor LEDs.

Consoles may be interconnected

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