Used | White 4828 Equalizer Used | White 4828 Equalizer Used | White 4828 Equalizer
Used | White 4828 Equalizer
B-Stock | SGM - TLD-612 - Touring LED Driver

B-Stock | SGM - TLD-612 - Touring LED Driver

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Used | Apogee A-4

Used | White 4828 Equalizer

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Used | White 4828 Equalizer

Features + Economy:
The Model 4828 is a 28-band, R-C active graphic equalizer featuring a level control with up to 20dB gain; EQ in/out switch; adjustable high and low-pass filters; and 7 LED bargraph headroom indicator. The filter controls are 60mm slide faders with center detents and dust shields.

28 One-Third Octave Filters
31.5Hz - 16kHz:
On I.S.O. standard frequency centers. Minimum phase type, ±12dB range. Close center frequency tolerances, ±5%. Adjacent filters sum with less than 0.125dB ripple. The low noise specification is not degraded with adjustment of the filters.

60mm Linear Controls with Center Detents and Dust Shields:
The longest control available for a 3.5 in. chassis. Provides greater EQ adjustment resolution.

EQ In/Out Switch:
Operates silently for convenient comparison.

High and Low-Pass Filters:
Band-limit unwanted subsonic and ultrasonic noise. Continuously adjustable, 12dB/octave high-pass 12Hz - 240Hz and low-pass 40kHz - 4kHz

High Current, Balanced, Differential Output Stage:
Will drive 600 ohms to +21dBu while maintaining 0.02% THD.

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