Used | Shure - PSM 700 Transmitter Used | Shure - PSM 700 Transmitter
Used | Shure - PSM 700 Transmitter

Used | Shure - PSM 700 Transmitter

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The Shure PSM700 Wireless Personal Monitor System is a UHF frequency-agile, two-channel monitoring system designed for onstage applications. The PSM has several advantages over onstage loudspeaker monitors: it is less visible, has better sound, allows freedom of movement, and reduces the chances of feedback. It is a versatile system, designed for use in many different sound reinforcement applications: public address, live music, theater, and electronic news gathering (ENG). The wireless system is frequency compatible with other Shure UHF and VHF wireless systems.


  • UHF operation.
  • Stereo or MixMode control for custom monitor mixes.
  • 32 user-selectable frequencies per system.
  • Up to 16 compatible frequencies for 16 different mixes.
  • Frequency compatible with all Shure Wireless systems (country dependent).
  • MPX Stereo audio transmission.
  • Switchable high-frequency boost on P7R.
  • +4 dBu/–10 dBV input level select switch on P7T.
  • Electronically balanced, combined 1/4-in./XLR connectors on P7T can be used with balanced or unbalanced outputs.
  • Volume and Balance dials on the P7R Receiver for easy user access.
  • Internal linear power supply on P7T, switchable between 120 VAC and 230 VAC.
  • Peak transmitter modulation limiter with fixed threshold and modulation limit indicators.
  • Loop out connectors on P7T for multiple mix setups and easy installation.
  • Tone-Key squelch.
  • Half-rack chassis on P7T complete with mounting hardware.
  • All metal construction on P7T and P7R
  • Headphone monitor on P7T for local listening.
  • Universal Earphones which seal off the ear canal to reduce ambient sound levels.
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