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Used | Alcons - ALC-6 Amp

Used | Alcons - ALC-6 Amp

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The ALC6 is a combination of a speaker controller and power amplifier. The ALC units are designed to guarantee the best speaker drive, with maximum sound quality and operating reliability. The controller section consist of several stages; On the input stage the SDP circuit and on the output stage the SIS circuit ensure easy, reliable and optimised speaker response.

  • Protection: The speaker is protected against damage from over-excursion and power overload.
  • Dedicated filtering: The fixed cross-over settings cater for the best system performance.
  • Optimised power response: The SDP module adjusts the RMS and peak values to the speakers capacity, giving maximum system power output.
  • System equalising: This circuit equalises the system response, with utilising the maximum component efficiency. This results in higher overall system sensitivity and reduces the need for active filtering while offering efficient amplifier usage (passive system).
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