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Used | Apogee - AE-8
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Used | Apogee - AE-5 [EP]

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Used | Apogee - AE-8B

Used | Apogee - AE-8

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The fully arrayble AE-8 bi-amped system offers flat power response and a precisely controlled radiation pattern for smooth acoustic integration in virtually any size room. The AE-8 is particularly effective in reverberant spaces.

  • Low Frequency:
    One Apogee 15"(381mm) permanent magnet cone-type driver is treated with a waterproofing compound, providing resistance to moisture, and enabling long-term stability of cone resonance and cone mass parameters.
  • High Frequency:
    One Apogee 2"(51mm) horn-loaded compression driver is treated with Ferrofluid® for greater power handling capability, lower distortion, and control of short-term impedance rise.
  • Input Connectors:
    Cannon AP series
  • Compatible Processors:
    DLC24 Digital Controller.
  • Grille:
    Four handles designed as an integral part of enclosure (no moving parts).
  • Grille:
    Powder-coated, diamond-punched steel with acoustic foam covering.
  • Rigging Hardware:
    Four 12-gauge steel nutplates, mounted two on top and two on bottom, recessed, nominally flush; accepts 3/8"-16 thread (10mm nutplate or Aeroquip Pan fittings optional); nutplates are backed with 12-gauge steel internal brackets.
  • Finish:
    Textured high-strength black epoxy paint.
  • Enclosure Type:
    30° trapezoidal, optimally-vented bass.
  • Cabinet Construction:
    Multi-ply birch with stainless steel fasteners.


H:60° x V:40°

Frequency Response (1m on axis):
48Hz to 16kHz ± 3 dB

Max. SPL (@1m):
126 dB cont./ 132 dB peak

PTML (peak transient mechanical limit):
143 dB

Sensitivity (1W @ 1m):
LF: 99 dB/ 100 Hz to 1 kHz
HF:104 dB/1 kHz to 20 kHz

Nominal Impedance:
8 ohms, each driver

Max. Power Handling:
LF:500W cont./ 2000W peak
HF:150W cont./ 600W peak

front:19"(483mm) W x 30.8"(782mm) H
rear:11.4"(290mm) W x 30.8"(782mm) H

90lb. (40.8kg)

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