Used | Crest 4801 Amp Used | Crest 4801 Amp Used | Crest 4801 Amp Used | Crest 4801 Amp Used | Crest 4801 Amp Used | Crest 4801 Amp
Used | Crest 4801 Amp

Used | Crest 4801 Amp

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Used | Crest 4801 Amp

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The Crest Audio Model 4801 is a compact, high-power amplifier designed to meet the most stringent demands of professional use in concert touring, studio monitoring, high-quality sound reinforcement, and professional installations. A forced-air configuration is used to cool channel heat sinks mounted in a back-to-back tunnel arrangement. An actively balanced female XLR input connection, Octal Socket, and 5-way output binding posts are provided for each channel. The 4801 is fully compatible in design with other Crest Audio Professional Series amplifiers, Octal Socket Accessories, and the NexSys® computer-controlled audio system.

Crest Audio’s no-compromise approach in the 4801’s electrical design and mechanical construction adds up to the ultimate in reliability and performance. Only high-grade components are used for the modular sub-assemblies in their ultra-strong, single piece steel chassis.

  • NexSys-ready
  • Toroidal power transformer
  • Tunnel cooling
  • Variable speed DC fan
  • High thermal mass heat sinks
  • Balanced XLR inputs
  • 5-way output binding post connectors
  • Stereo/Parallel/Bridged Mono mode selector switch
  • Rear panel ground lift jumper
  • Extensive protection circuitry:
    • Clip Limiting prevents speaker damage with gentle gain reduction at clip threshold.
    • IGM (Instantaneous Gain Modulation) monitors connected loads to detect conditions that may overstress output devices, allowing safe operation into nominal 2Ω impedances.
    • AutoRamp gradually increases gain to attenuator setting level when amplifier is turned on.
    • Other protection circuitry: comprehensive thermal management, and short circuit, DC voltage, turn-on/off transient, current inrush and sub/ultrasonic input protection.
  • Ultra-strong, single piece steel chassis
  • Octal Accessory sockets
  • Recessed, stepped attenuators
  • Front panel circuit breaker/power switch
  • Modular construction
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