Used | Digico D5 T - Main Console Used | Digico D5 T - Main Console Used | Digico D5 T - Main Console
Used | Digico D5 T - Main Console

Used | Digico D5 T - Main Console

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The DiGiCo D5T combines a wealth of facilities in a compact, 1484mm W x 868mm D (58.43in W x 34.17in D) worksurface that potentially will give back hundreds of seats a year to large productions.

As with the D5, the worksurface itself consists of 3 touch screens for the input sections and one for the master section, with the addition of previous and next buttons for instant cue recall. As with the D5, the engine is housed within the worksurface but has a much larger bussing capability.

As with the D5 it includes dynamics processing with side chain EQ; up to 240ms of delay: four bands of parametric EQ, high and low pass filters; but now has, 72 user-assignable busses; 32 x 32 output matrix; group outputs each with delay, six bands of parametric EQ and compressor; and pre-equaliser group outputs for use by measurement systems such as SIM™; dedicated illuminated Next/Previous Cue buttons; full off-line DiGiCo Cue Composer Show Programming software; user definable I/O specification and high quality on-board digital effects.

Live Update is a unique feature enhancement of D5T software, optionally allowing altered controller values to update themselves through the cue list - without further operator intervention.
The D5T gives you unparalleled flexibility in configuring your console to suit the show. Any of the 72 internal busses can be set up as mono or stereo auxiliaries and mono, stereo and surround sub groups (the console is fully 5.1-ready as well as for LCR(S), with three joystick surround sound panners for instant sound placement).

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