Used | Strand LD90 12x5kW
Used | Strand LD90 12x5kW

Used | Strand LD90 12x5kW

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LD90 is a compact, convection-cooled cabinet designed for wall or floor mounting. It incorporates a single processor module controlling three power blocks, which are chosen from a range of 8 x 2.5kW or 4 x 5kW dimmers, for mixing dimmer ratings and specifications within one cabinet.

  • Rack start address number
  • Individual dimmer patch per Mux input
  • 99 programmable SWC presets
  • Suitable for use with Outlook™ architectural control stations
  • 8 Outlook presets, on and off per room, for up to 16 rooms
  • Maximum and minimum output voltage
  • Selection of non-dim operation for dimmers
  • Non-dim switch-on level
  • Fast, medium or slow dimmer response times
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