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Used | Alcons - Line-array - LR16 Left

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The LR16 is an active 2-way line-source loudspeaker system. It is a true line-array system, to be used as vertical array, either in stacked or flown configuration, for both portable and permanent installations. Loaded with the RBN601 ribbon driver on a “morpher” wave-guide (92% frontal radiation), the system features real-90 dispersion with seamless coverage, due to the ribbon’s all-natural cylindrical (Isophasic) wavefront. Its transient response caters for an amazing intelligibility and throw.
The compact size, combined with the easy and accurate flying system, makes the system quick to set-up.

Special attention in the design was paid to creating a versatile (and therefore economic) system; The system can be scaled from (part of) a large-scale long-throw arena system to an ultra-compact single cabinet system, with its revolvable wave-guide.
Furthermore, its lowest usable frequency is 51Hz., making the system real full-range in most applications.

The SIS pre-wiring ensures complete cable/connector compensation between the LR16 and ALC. Typical applications for the LR16 include main system for theatre, A/V, PA or front-, in- and side-fill system.

In applications where extended bass response is required, the LR16 can be combined with the LR16B bass module or a BF362 deep-sub system.

For full system performance, we recommend using the LR16 in combination with an ALC 2 (or ALC 4) amplifier/controller. Driven by the ALC, the LR16 delivers maximum sound quality with inaudible (power and excursion) protection (SDP circuit).

  • RBN601 ribbon HF driver with exceptional intelligibility and “throw”
  • Special mid-tapering for smooth off-axis response (no lobes)
  • Maximum attainable “gain-before-feedback”
  • Extended bass response, usable down to 51Hz.
  • SIS pre-wired for very high damping and further reduced distortion (with ALC)
  • Revolvable horn provides for versatile multiapplication system: Vertical line-array or horizontal stand-alone
  • Durotect™ scratch-resistant coating
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