Used | BSS - DPR-422 Compressor Used | BSS - DPR-422 Compressor
Used | BSS - DPR-422 Compressor

Used | BSS - DPR-422 Compressor

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Used | BSS - DPR-422 Compressor

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The combination of a high-quality compressor with a sophisticated de-esser provides the engineer with functions to solve a number of processing requirements. A quick look at the front panel shows that each channel provides a full range of signal level control facilities: a dedicated and tuneable de-esser section, a compressor section with comprehensive control of all main parameters and an AUTOmode option for general use, and finally a highly informative LED metering section that never leaves the engineer 'in the dark'.

The DPR-422 uses a unique internal architecture, pioneered on the classic DPR-402, which combines a double side-chain with a subtractor to eliminate the distortion, noise and unwanted side-effects found in conventional compressors.

This not only ensures a cleaner, purer signal, but forms the basis of entirely new possibilities in signal processing.

Each channel includes a variable ratio compressor that features BSS's proprietary 'progressive knee' characteristic. This gives soft-knee, over-easy musicality at low ratios, varying gradually towards dependable hard-limiter precision at the maximum setting.

Attack and release time constants can be switched to be continually regulated by the dynamic and harmonic content of the programme material, so requiring virtually no attention from the operator.

BSS Audio's De-Esser design is recognised world-wide as a highly-desirable item in the engineers toolkit, and provides two main de-essing options to suit different program material and means of reproduction.

Broadband de-essing adds to normal compressor performance the ability to compress the whole signal when HF signals exceed the pre-set de-ess threshold level.

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