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Used | Sound Projects - SPX60

Used | Sound Projects - SPX60

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Used - Sound Projects - SPX60

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The sound reinforcement system shall hold one low-weight neodymium 12-inch driver and a 1.4” HF driver loaded by a free rotatable horn to allow both horizontal and vertical placement of the cabinet. The system shall have horizontal dispersion of 60 degrees and a vertical dispersion of 40 degrees. The system shall contain two 500W amplifiers with dedicated band pass filters and speaker management system. The maximum peak output of the total system shall be 134dB at 1m. The syste¬m shall have a 60Hz-20kHz frequency range.
The cabinet shall be constructed of cross grain laminated multiplex, covered by a protective 2 component polyurethane coating. The total system weight including amplifiers and audio control shall be 32 kg only. It shall have an IEC XLR-3 audio in and output connector and a powercon in and thru mains connector.

The system shall be a self-powered design holding its own protective audio logic control electronics and amplifiers within the cabinet.

Acoustical specifications:

  • Drivers: 1 x 1.4”, 1 x 12" High Power low weight Neodymium design.
  • Freq. response: 60Hz-20kHz
  • Max. peak SPL @1m: 134dB, crest factor 2 (6 dB)
  • Coverage angle: 60H x 40V (rotatable)

Electrical specifications:

  • Amplifier(s): MA1000™ technology
  • Output: 1000W sine  (DALC limited)
  • Crossover: 1 kHz, 4th order
  • Filter subsonic: 60Hz, 2nd order
  • Input impedance: 20 kOhms balanced, 10 kOhms unbalanced
  • Output impedance: hard-wired to input

Power consumption:

  • Mains voltage: 230V (other on request)
  • Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Idle: < 50VA
  • Full load: 300 VA. DALC limited Ref. to continuous pink noise signal (6 dB crest factor within the specified range)


  • D.A.L.C. (Dual AudioLogic Control)
  • Protection threshold: +4dBU
  • Transient (soft power-up)
  • DC-voltage short-circuit
  • LED indication: power-on/signal/protect

Additional descriptive data:

  • Cabinet construction: cross grain laminated multiplex
  • Finish: Nano-armor™ coating
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • Size WxHxD (mm): 395x600x405 (trapezoid)
  • Rigging points: Integrated SPX flypoints, recessed polemount.
  • Audio connectors: IEC XLR-3 in/out
  • Main connectors: powercon in, powercon out
  • Max. operating temp.: -10 to 40 C ambient
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