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Used | Alcons - ALC4 amp

Used | Alcons - ALC4 amp

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The ALC4 Amplifier Loudspeaker Controller is a combination of a loudspeaker controller and a high efficiency power amplifier. The ALC4 is designed to guarantee the best loudspeaker drive, with maximum sound- and operating reliability. The amplifier stage consists of a 2x 2 kW amplifier in Class-G design, supplied from a conventional power supply with a torodial transformer and a massive 400 Joule capacitor bank with a large dynamic reserve for sustained high power output even in two ohm loads. In order to maintain strict quality standards, all Alcons products are burned-in and thoroughly tested before shipping. The proven combination of advanced design, quality construction and active protection circuits is your guarantee of fail-safe reliability and many years of trouble-free operation, while enjoying the excellent specifications. You can depend on consistent, stable performance, even in the most demanding fixed or mobile sound reinforcement applications.

ALC4 features

  • Dual Power Supply 

The ALC4 is equipped with separate power supplies for both channels. 

  • Balanced input stages 

Balanced XLR inputs make the amplifier less susceptible to noise and AC hum pickup, especially when using long cable runs.

  • Signal link outputs 

The XLR link output connectors are internally hardwired to the input connectors and can be used to daisy chain the input signals to another amplifier.

  • Dual output connectors 

Each channel of the ALC4 is equipped with two four pole Speakon® outputs for easy installation.

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